R/C Car Racing

2010 Point Series


The 2010 Ground Pounder Club Point Series is past the half way point and things are starting to heat up.  4 races, out of the 7, have been run and each driver will have their best 5 races count towards the series.  This means the standings are not totally accurate at this time, and no one can count on an easy overall win until another race or two has been run!

The complete standing are posted down at Jake's Performance Hobbies, but here's a quick rundown on the standings in each class.

17.5 Oval:  Right now there are 12 drivers with a shot at being part of the Series.  Kevin Osman leads the group, with Michael Hite in 2nd, Greg Cassell in 3rd, Dan Hageman and Robert Wise tied for 4th.

10.5 Oval:  Small group of 6 have a shot at this Series.  Kevin Osman is again out front, Dan Hageman holding 2nd, Tom Sobetzki in 3rd, Michael Hite in 4th and David Frederick in 5th.

Nitro Oval Sedan:  9 driver could participate in the Series for this class.  Matt Senn is currently leading the chase, with Dan Hageman, Mitch Giem, David Ivey and David Frederick rounding out the Top 5.

17.5 Sedan:
  13 lucky drivers are competing for the Series in this class, which boasts some of the larger fields at each race.  Mike Ramsey holds the front spot, Ed Whitecotton the 2nd, Jake Rosen the 3rd, Daniel Cross the 4th and Scott McDonald the 5th.  A lot will change in this class as the Series is run out.

13.5 Sedan:  9 drivers are in the hunt right now for this class.  Matt Senn holds down the front spot, with Charlie Suangka in 2nd, Ed Whitecotton in 3rd, Jacques Mok in 4th and Chris Dodson in 5th.

1/12 Scale On-Road:  The question would be, what happened to this class?  4 drivers are competing for the Series this year.  Chris Dodson is running out front, Brian Gilson in 2nd, Steve Ashby in 3rd and Gordon Hedemark run 4th.

F1:  The new kid on the block with lots of great racing and stiff compitition.  Club Prez, Eric Wildt is leading the pack, David Rae in 2nd, Chris Dodson in 3rd, George Simien in 4th and John Mitchell in 5th.  12 drivers are currently in the Series.

Nitro Sedans:  Eric Wildt is also leading this class, with sights set on taking the Series in two classes.  Mitch Giem is holding onto 2nd, David Ivey 3rd, Jacques Mok 4th and Rob Burns in 5th.  9 drivers are part of the Series for this class.

Slash:  Yep, my favorite, and one of the most competitive run at the GP races ....  Charlie Suangka is currently leading this group, out of the 16 Drivers able to be part of the series!  Jake Rosen holds 2nd, Gary O'Connor 3rd, Steve Gioia 4th and Rob Burns 5th.  Expect more excitement from this class, and the standing will surely change as the Series winds down.

Ok, quick and to the point!  A full listing of the current Series standings is available for viewing at Jake's Performance Hobbies.  Best of luck to all those involved in the Series for 2010.  Expect another AWESOME Awards Banquet in November!!