R/C Car Racing

2006 Point Series

Here's your latest Series Racap.  Keep up the good work everyone!
Stock Sedan: 
Here's a close one!  Chris Dodson leads Eric Albano by 1 point!  The last race will be the one to decide the outcome.  Zac Wheatcroft has 3rd place locked in, all he has to do is show up and run.  4th place has a battle between Craig Albano and Paul Bellomo, only 1 point separates these two.  Ethan Cottrell has 6th place in the bag and Tom Callaghan locked in 7th overall.
Roar 19 Sedans:
Not too much excitement here, except for the racing on the track.  Chris Dodson leads the field, Eric Wildt holds 2nd and Brian Gilson has 3rd.  If they show up and run, not much will change.
Modified Sedans:
Matt Senn has 1st place locked in, end of story.  Eric Albano has locked in 2nd place.  Well done guys!
Expert Nitro Sedan:
Anthony Crivelli has 1st place locked in, game over.  Marcus Rezzonico has 2nd place locked in, as long as he shows up to run.  Well done guys!
1/12 Scale On-Road:
Steve Ashby is in the #1 spot, and it's locked in.  Dave Chipley brings up the 2nd spot, but he must run this last race to keep it.  Well done guys!
4 Cell Stock:
Wow!  Big field and a bigger points spread!  Dan Hageman holds the top spot, and he'll keep it as long as he shows up to race.  Same holds true for David Frederick in the #2 spot.  #3 is up in the air, and the final race will decide it.  John Mitchell and Craig Albano are tied for 3rd, and Amy Wildt is only 1 point behind.  Brian Gilson, Tom Callaghan, Ethan Cottrell, Michael Bellomo, Wayne Arnold and Haley Albano are all in the mix for the rest of the point positions.  Everything will get sorted out after the final race!
Spec-19 NASCAR:
Kevin Osmon is still holding onto the top spot but he's only 2 points ahead of Anthony Crivelli and Jake Rosen, who are tied for 2nd.  "AC" has got the world on his shoulders as his entire fan club is pulling for him.  Will there be fireworks for the final race?  Time will tell!  Eric Wildt holds the 4th spot, Dan Hageman has 5th, David Frederick has 6th and Eric Albano has 7th.  A few spots could juggle after the final race, but most are locked in.
1/12 Scale Oval:
Jake Rosen has the #1 spot here, but Tim Stiles is only 2 points down.  With both racers using their throw-out, this last race will be important as the lead could change.  Joe Albano from Team ABR has a firm grip on the 3rd spot.
Nitro Oval Sedans:
Matt Senn is looking for a championship here, as long as he shows up, he'll get one.  Craig Albano is a long shot to take the #1 spot, but it could happen.  Dave Chipley has the #3 spot locked in.
The final race will the annual Ground Pounder Halloween Race, on October 28th.  Should prove to be a GREAT day and night of racing as the 2006 season comes to a close.