R/C Car Racing

About the Ground Pounders R/C Club


Within these pages you will find the most pertinent information about racing with The Ground Pounders.

Please take a little time to read through the pages outlining our current rules. This will prepare you before race day so that you'll know the questions that you may have about the specific classes you are interested in running with us.

It's also important to check out our current schedule and race locations so that you know where to find us each month throughout the year.  Were looking forward to seeing you and want to make sure that you make it to the right place on race day as we alternate between three different locations that generously allow us to use their parking lots to hold our races. 

Prior to the next race day you can use our editable PDF forms to fill out the sign up sheet (required to race) and our optional form to become a member of our club.  You will also need to be a member of ROAR prior to racing with the club, which you can do ahead of time or the morning of race day. 
You do not need to be a ROAR member to join the club, but must belong to ROAR to race at club events.